Innovative product and solutions inspired by Facial Recognition.
Our team is committed to the idea of data safety and security for every single user. It develops products with built-in technology preventing a feasibility of personal data transfer.

Facial Recognition

Best in-class cloud based facial recognition platform.

Passive liveness

Anti-spoofing technology that analyzes the series of images from the video stream to detect moires, glares and other static structure imperfection of images.

Liveness active

Anti-spoofing technology that use a set of convolutional neural network to prove the validity of the movement and face.

Mobile wallet with a built-in biometric authorization for instant payments in any currency. Pay+ID

Appreciate the convenience of the new payment format for online / offline purchases, key for authorization in various services, secure storage of personal data.

  • Instant payments in any currency, including USD, EUR, RUB, BTC
  • User authorization via face biometry on third-party services, sites and applications
  • Biometric input protection secured by liveness
  • Blockchain-protected personal data storage
  • Cloud and OnPremise solutions

A helping hand for effective employee control and payroll reduction. Time and attendance management system based on artificial intelligence. ID Work

Decrease unwanted costs for missed workdays, fraud time tracking and ghost names. Receive the reports with the full data about the time and attendance for each of your employee.

  • Monitor staff attendance at work place
  • Keep automatic records of the staff actual working hours
  • Prevent staff dishonest actions when recording workplace attendance
  • Control payroll based on real, not estimated employees working hours
Enface Inc. is a new division of Trinity Group - Russian IT Technology company founded in 1993. Trinity Group provides a full range of services for system integration and business transformation and actively invests in IT innovation. With 3 offices in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Ekaterinburg and over 700 experienced IT professionals it combines unique knowledge of the market and the technology, client service and own high quality production.