Mobile wallet with a built-in biometric authorization for instant payments in any currency. Pay+ID

Appreciate the convenience of the new payment format for online / offline purchases, key for authorization in various services, secure storage of personal data.

  • Instant payments in any currency, including USD, EUR, RUB, BTC
  • User authorization via face biometry on third-party services, sites and applications
  • Biometric input protection secured by liveness
  • Blockchain-protected personal data storage
  • Cloud and OnPremise solutions

Decrease costs and increase the quality of security when for the risk transactions check. Fill yourself secured. Enface team cares about the safety of their customers data.

We do not store your passwords. All passwords are placed in a distributed registry (blockchain) to which we do not have access. Blockchain technology allows you to store information not in one place, but in different locations around the world, which eliminates data forgery.